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An update on the native app for iOS and Android

We're sharing the disappointing news that the new native experience for mobile is no longer in development.

Over the previous two years, we’ve been working on a native application for both iOS and Android.

This native app was a big step in the next generation of the app, but sadly, we’re here to say today that this is no longer in development.

Due to the rising costs to maintain a server that hosts our project files and connections as well as outside commitments, it simply isn’t feasible to continue with the native app project.

Earlier in the year, we launched the web app and this has paved the way for a more unified user experience across desktop and mobile devices. Earlier this month, we launched the notifications companion service using APIs and software relay to push out notifications.

Our focus is now on building the best possible version of the web app and improving the notification companion, building what features we can from the native app that was planned into a way that works for the web app.

If you haven’t already, please check out the web app at
Instructions on how to set up the notifications companion are available by clicking or tapping “Get mobile notifications” on the web app.

This isn’t what we wanted to share with you - we may revisit this at some point in the future, but this isn’t guaranteed.

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