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get service updates and CSL2 information with notifications on iOS and Android

It's easy to get set up using notifications on

We're trialling new service notifications for the platform. The current implementation involves installing a second app, but this will work in conjunction with the web app, and will be compatible on both iOS and Android devices.

You will receive all major updates for the entire UK rail network, including CSL2 incidents (where applicable) and detailed disruption information, delivered directly to your smartphone with a simple, easy to understand notification.

A few things to note before you go ahead: you currently cannot opt in to separate notification channels. You will be notified for all disruption events from all TOCs.

1) Download the Spaces by Wix app.

2) Tap "Got an invite code" and type in TRAINIO.

3) Sign in or create a Wix account. If you are a member of a train operating company, use your TOC email to become a verified member.

4) Allow notifications, that's it!

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