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Website and app design

If you want a custom website commissioned, I'll be happily to give you a quote and work together to create a good website and/or app.

Work is completed via my design arm, Volta Design.

Some examples of my work are available on the right hand side of this page.

My prices are competitive, so please do feel free to contact me!

Get in touch is an in-house app developed by myself to meet the demands and needs of railway passengers, enthusiasts and staff. The app is available on iOS via the App Store, Android via the Google Play Store and as a web app.

Man holding iPhone X (1).jpg


ROSimulation was a "pet project" of mine from when I was really into simulation content. It focusses around a marketplace for users to acquire downloadable content ("DLC") for simulation games.



A website and design language commission for Volta, they are a record label and music streaming website that features their catalogue of artists with streaming music players and embeds. Their website is now managed by myself on their behalf for design and content management.

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