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Delay Repay in saves you time filling in delay repay compensation forms. By choosing, we can claim this compensation for you on your behalf, with no charge to you.

Using the tool, you can claim compensation for your delayed or cancelled journey with any train operating company in the United Kingdom.

You can check your journey and see if it's eligible for delay repay by inputting your journey details into this handy checking tool, provided by OnTimeTrains. Please note that this is not an official tool of any train operating company.

You can check to see what amount of compensation you can expect at this link (not yet available).

In order for to do this, we'll need to collect some information, some of which is personally identifiable and contain financial information.

We're required by train operating companies to collect this data whilst submitting your claim.
Without this information, and the train operating company are unable to submit your claim.

We'll need to collect the following information from you to process your claim:

- your name (this will need to be first name and surname)
- your address (to verify you are a human, also used for fraud checks by the train operators)
- your email address (this is used to keep you updated as to the progress of your claim)
- your ticket information (you'll need to upload a copy of your ticket, more information is provided)
- your preferred payment information (train operators require this so you can receive your compensation, more information is provided).

Your ticket information is required by us and the train operators in order to prove that you had a valid ticket for travel. We'll require your origin, destination, type of ticket, how much was paid for the ticket and the ticket number. We'll also need to know how much you were delayed by.

In order to receive compensation for your delayed journey, we'll need to collect financial information in order to get this processed for you. This includes, but isn't limited to BACS payment (these are payments made directly to a UK bank account), PayPal (if available) and Rail Travel Vouchers. You may also be able to donate your delay repay compensation to one of our charity partners.

PayPal is not available as an option with all train operators.

Rail Travel Vouchers are only redeemable at UK ticket offices. They cannot be used online. only uses this information in order to process your claim through your chosen operator. This data gets deleted after 7 working days of your claim being submitted.

We know privacy is of utmost importance to you, so rest assured that we won't use your data for anything else.

You can, of course, use your operators website to make a claim yourself if you wish.

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