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Thank you for visiting my website, where you can see all of the projects I'm working on, and have already released!

This isn't something that I do full time by any means, I'm a sort of person where if I thought of an idea, I would try to bring it to life.

In the case of, it was an idea to bring a smaller app to the Google Play Store that focussed on your right to privacy, security and a great user experience. It brings over the open source Telegram API services and the Telegram Android app, and with slight adaptations, given my own twist on it. is an app designed specifically for use and deployment in the United Kingdom for both passenger and staff usage. It allows passengers and staff to see live locations of a train anywhere in the UK by CIS (Customer Information Screen) services and also gives some information on train formations, as well as destinations and origin points.

I hope that you'll like the apps I produce, and continue to support me in the future.



Ryan O'Donnell

aged 25

United Kingdom


How to get in contact

The main way you can get in contact with me is via social media.

X (formerly Twitter)
On X, you can find me over on @iamryanodonnell, or @ryansappbox.


On Facebook, search for Ryan O'Donnell's Appbox and like the page.


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